Mixing knowledge

Minglingken is mixing knowledge.  The term was coined by Poul Anderson in his brilliant Anglish-language exposition of atomic theory, titled Uncleftish Beholdings”, originally published in a magazine called Analog Science Fact / Science Fiction in 1989.   He used the word to mean “chemistry”.

I am soon to finish a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.  My field of expertise is metabolic engineering — the use of genetic engineering to coax microbes into producing valuable fuels and chemicals instead.  My interests are much broader — spanning biochemistry, ecology, engineering, and more.  Of course,  I don’t have detailed expertise in all these areas.  A goal here at minglingken is to not let my ignorance stop me from blogging: I think  ideas are like reagents, and interesting things happen when you add them to the pot and stir.


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