the-n-best-papers-of-2014 (#3)

Onto #3 the best research papers of 2014, according to me:

Figure 2 of Meerman and Brown BMJ 2014;349:g7257
  1. When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?
    This is a simple question as while as the title of an interesting explanatory piece in the British Medical Journal’s Christmas issue. Scientists have known the answer for a about a century. But, in a survey of 50 doctors, 50 dieticians, and 50 personal trainers, not a single doctor or personal trainer got the answer right. And only 6% of the dieticians did. The right answer is elusive because most of the weight is lost as an invisible gas that passes unnoticed from your body with every breath. That’s right, when you manage to keep your new year’s reslution and lose those five pounds, you exhale most of it as CO2, about 84% of it to be precise. People are similarly stumped by where the mass of a tree comes from. This paper (and that tree video I linked) are neat reminders seeing is *not* believing — relying too much on what we can easily see or otherwise sense can lead our intuitions to some spectacularly wrong conclusions.

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